Syrup with shimmer

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A bottle of syrup with shimmer, which we came up with so that sparkling or any other drink in your glasses sparkles, shimmers and comes out incredibly tasty and shimmering in the photo! 🪩🍸✨
✨ Taste and shimmer in one bottle!
Finally, our shimmers are now flavored! Orange syrup with shimmer will add flavor and magical shimmer to any drink.

🥂 Bottles of 100 ml are enough for 10+ servings!
Our shimmer syrup comes in a 100ml bottle. This is enough to make 10+ servings of magic potions.

The method of use is extremely simple, we recommend adding 2 teaspoons or tablespoons (to taste) of syrup to the drink and mix!

Now you can easily prepare cocktails for all guests and enjoy the moment!



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