Syrups and purees

Taste and quality: natural purees and syrups for your cocktails

Puree for cocktails is a natural fruit or berry product used to create refreshing and aromatic drinks. It is made from fresh or frozen fruit, after which it is processed and processed to preserve the maximum natural taste and aroma of the fruit.

Syrups for cocktails, on the other hand, are a concentrated sugar solution with the addition of natural flavors or fruit decoctions. They are used as a sweet component for cocktails, giving them the desired taste, aroma and consistency.

Buy the best purees and syrups for cocktails in Kyiv

By ordering purees and syrups for cocktails from us in Kyiv, you get not just high-quality products, but a full range of possibilities for creating unique drinks and dishes. Please note that in addition to purees and syrups, our store also offers other applications for culinary creativity, such as jams and jams. These additions complement the taste of your dessert or cocktail, providing it with a brighter aroma and texture.

Thanks to the high content of natural ingredients, our purees and cocktail syrups have excellent health benefits. Puree preserves vitamins and minerals that add more benefits to your drinks. Syrups, in turn, are an excellent way to improve the taste and aroma of cocktails, making them even more attractive to you and your guests.

Explore the possibilities of additional products in our range, such as freeze-dried berries, candied fruits and chips. These products will allow you to add new accents in your culinary creativity, expanding horizons in the creation of cocktails and desserts and will make your dishes even more delicious and attractive to the eyes and taste buds.

Useful properties of syrups and purees for cocktails from ParovozChips

Our online store offers the opportunity to purchase natural purees and syrups for cocktails not only to residents of Kyiv, but also to all residents of Ukraine. We are ready to deliver quality products to any corner of the country so that everyone can enjoy great tastes and aromas in their drinks.

  1. Naturalness and vitamin enrichment: our syrups and purees contain natural ingredients that preserve the beneficial properties of fruits.
  2. Versatility of use: these products not only improve the taste of cocktails, but also become an ideal basis for creating unique desserts and culinary masterpieces.

Our syrups and purees not only enrich your cocktails, but also open up endless possibilities for culinary creativity in everyday life. Do not hesitate - order right now and enjoy the exquisite taste in every sip!

Syrups for cocktails can be fruity, berry, herbal or spicy, adding sweetness and flavor to the drink. Fruit or berry puree is also popularly used to saturate the cocktail with flavors and texture.
Our catalog contains a sufficient number of various syrups and purees to create exquisite cocktails, desserts, etc. More than 40 items, get familiar!
The price of our products ranges from UAH 397 to UAH 1,009. Discounts are available.
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