Dried flowers for decoration

Buying dried flowers in Kyiv is an excellent choice

Dried flowers are dried or dried flowers for decoration, which retain their natural beauty and aroma. This type of decor has become very popular in modern interior design and the creation of various compositions.

Dried flowers play an important role in creating exclusive cocktails. They not only decorate drinks, but also give them a special aroma and aesthetic appearance. Some types of dried flowers can be used as an ingredient to create special cocktails, giving them a new flavor profile and aromatic nuances.

Buying dried flowers for drinks is not only a way to decorate cocktails, but also to make them more attractive to customers. Cocktails with elements of dried flowers become the decoration of any bar menu and impress with their originality and uniqueness.

Catalog of dried flowers in Kyiv from ParovozChips:

Ordinary cocktails can turn into a work of art with the help of dried flowers. "Gomphrena Prestige" is a cocktail with aromatic rum and cream liqueur, decorated with branches of dried gomphrena. "Lavender Birth" is a drink based on brandy and lavender syrup, decorated with dried lavender buds. Adding dried flowers to these cocktails gives them a special aroma and aesthetics, making each cocktail unique and elegant.

The benefits of dried flowers

It is an indispensable ingredient for creating elegant cocktails and original decor. They add unique charm and aesthetics to every drink, enriching it not only in taste, but also in appearance. Buying lavender or peony buds in Kyiv or any city of Ukraine is an opportunity to make your cocktails unique thanks to the natural aromatic notes of dried flowers.

  1. Naturalness and durability.
  2. Possibility of use in decorative compositions.
  3. Creating an atmosphere of comfort and elegance in any room.

Dried flowers are also used to create sophisticated decorative elements. They add elegance to tables during festive events or at home, creating a special atmosphere. The possibility of combining different varieties provides ample opportunities for creativity and creation of unique decorative compositions. See even more accessories for decoration

Make your life more beautiful and unique! Order dried flowers from ParovozChips online or contact us for a personal order now. Do not forget about the possibilities of dried flowers not only in decor, but also in the world of cocktail craftsmanship. Order your favorite flowers now and create unique drinks with us!

To do this, we have created this special section on the ParovozChips website, where we have collected only the best samples.
We send orders to every corner of Ukraine, order not only from Kyiv.
In the catalog you will find dried gomphren, lavender, peony buds, carnation flowers, tea rose helichrysum, hydrangea mix.
Dried flowers can retain their beauty and shape for many years. With proper storage, they can please the eye and remain aesthetic for a long time.
The price of dried flowers in the catalog is from UAH 55 to UAH 175.
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