Pasta straws

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“Unique Style, Eco-Friendly Choice: Pasta Drinking Straws”

Enjoy your favorite drinks with elegant style and eco-responsibility with our pasta straws. They are perfect for all parties, evening snacks and special occasions, giving your drinks a new level of sophistication.

Made from natural pasta, our straws not only add a unique charm to your drinks, but also help you avoid the use of single-use plastic straws, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Macaron straws are perfect for any type of drink, be it cocktails, juices or cold drinks. They create a unique aesthetic effect and retain their strength for a long time in the drink.

Choose style and eco-consciousness with our pasta drinking straws and enjoy every sip of your favorite drink with a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Country of manufacture: Italy.

Weight: 500 grams.



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