Tea rose buds (dark)

100 UAH

"Tea Rose Buds: Natural Beauty and Aroma for Your Food, Tea and Cocktails"

Our tea rose buds are a gift from nature that gives your cocktails, dishes and tea a special charm. These tea rose buds are an exquisite beauty that blooms in your drink glasses and kitchen.

Tea rose buds are made from the finest tea rose flowers, which are processed with great attention to detail to preserve their natural beauty and fragrance. They give your food and drinks an unsurpassed aroma and appearance.

They are ideal for decorating cocktails, giving them a magical look and an aromatic note. Also, use tea rose buds to create elegant decorations on plates, adding a sophisticated style and aroma to them.

Tea rose buds are a natural product that adds an unsurpassed taste and spectacular appearance to your dishes, teas and cocktails.

Choose a tea rose bud to create the most exquisite dishes and cocktails and enjoy the magical aroma in every sip.



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