Cordial Shiny Cordial

300 UAH.

Cordial today is is a non-alcoholic concentrated fruit, berry, herbal, floral or spice syrup with a high content of fresh juices. This is a very convenient cocktail ingredient, with which literally anyone, without any special bar training, can make many interesting combinations and prepare a high-class cocktail at home or at work.

Ingredients: Milk Oolong tea, cardamom, orange.

Taste.: is a very delicate and subtle cordial. The creamy taste of high-class Milk Oolong tea, the aroma of fresh oranges, and a warm, delicate note of cardamom.

CombinationIn the right proportion, Cordial Shiny goes well with all types of spirits. Our choice is to use whiskey, gin, and rum for cocktails.</span

An easy way to make a cocktail: add ice to the glass, pour 50 ml of alcohol and 50 ml of cordial and stir.