Sugar balls

50 UAH.

The size of the balls is 5-7 mm.
"Sugar Balls: Charming Decor and Sweet Flavor for Your Cocktails"

In the world of cocktails, where every detail counts, our sugar balls are the sweet garnish that makes your drinks unforgettable. They are designed to add sophistication to your cocktails.

These balls are easily placed on your cocktail, creating a magical effect and adding aesthetic charm to your drinks. They become a real showpiece of your cocktail craftsmanship.

The composition of our sugar balls is the highest quality sugar, which is easy to crush with your teeth and gives your drink sweetness and a unique flavor accent.

Choose sugar balls to make your cocktails not only taste good, but also look good. They are designed to bring joy not only to the palate, but also to the eyes of your guests, and can be easily