Tonic Shepit

50 UAH.

Tonic is a non-alcoholic carbonated drink with a characteristic bitter note and refreshing taste. Sheet Classic Dry is a Ukrainian-made tonic made from the highest quality ingredients. It is low in sugar, has a bright citrus flavor and pleasant sourness. Delicate and balanced, it is ideal for mixing with spirits as well as for drinking as a standalone drink.

Shepit is a Ukrainian brand that not only creates a high-quality product, but also strives to support and promote Ukrainian production.

Ingredients: prepared water, sugar, carbonation gas (carbon dioxide), natural flavors (contains quinine), humiarabic stabilizer (E414), potassium sorbate preservative (E202).

Energy value per 100 ml of product: Energy value - 22.1 Kcal, Carbohydrates - 5.8, Of which sugars - 5.6, Proteins - 0, Fats - 0.015, Salt - 0