Liquid BIO fermented "Summer flower"

345 UAH.

Liquid fermented spices are the next step after dry spices and essential oils.

This is a so-called all-purpose spice. Unlike dry spices, this product is ideal for cold dishes. And unlike essential oils, liquid fermented spices are edible.

Ingredients: lavender*, juniper berry*, cassia*, lemongrass*, Sichuan pepper*, cold-pressed rice bran and sprout oil*.

*from organic farming


Simply add a few drops of liquid BIO fermented "Summer Flower" to cold or hot food before serving

  • Beet juice (100 g) - 5 drops
  • Iced tea (100 g) - 3 drops
  • Yogurt for fruit salad (100 g of salads) - 5 drops
  • Vinaigrette sauce for salad (100 g of salads) - 10 drops
  • Cream cheese for dry smoked plums with staff (100 g of cheese) - 10 drops
  • Sour cream for cottage cheese pancakes (100 g of cottage cheese) - 10 drops
  • Vanilla ice cream (100 g)-12 drops
  • Fruit jam for the cheese plate (100 g of jam) - 15 drops